"The Collector's Eye X" in " Ubuntu” Art Gallery"

"The Collector's Eye X" in " Ubuntu” Art Gallery"


Ubuntu Gallery is holding the tenth edition of its annual exhibition “The Collector’s Eye” until October 17th. The exhibition’s theme revolves around achieving harmony between modern and contemporary art, and mixing this harmony with a group of valuable antiques, by designing some parts of The  home is a kind of simulation to live the full experience, so that contemporary furniture intersects with paintings and art pieces smoothly and softly, nourishing the eye of the viewer.


This edition highlights the artist Ashud Zorian by merging European mastery with Egyptian culture. The exhibition also includes more than 200 paintings by many male and female artists such as Saif Wanly, Mahmoud Saeed, George Al-Bahgoury, Tahia Halim, Laila Ezzat, Hassan Suleiman, and Samir Rafie. And others. A collection of Chinese antiques, furniture and accessories, some of which are more than 200 years old.

 Through a smooth and harmonious visual statement, award-winning designer Shweikar Al-Gharabli presents contemporary furniture pieces to intermingle with paintings to express the mix between the modern and the contemporary with extreme simplicity


It is noteworthy that the Egyptian-Armenian artist Ashud Zorian (1905-1970) was famous for his captivating scenes inspired by international cities, his drawing of the naked model at rest, and his bright, stark colors. The exhibition includes the private collection of the family of "Kevork Mazloumian", the artist's physician, "Ashod Zorian," and most of this collection is a gift from the artist himself during his life to his personal physician.

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