How do you maintain your fitness in the manner of Polina Porizkova?

The famous supermodel is still thin at the age of 58
How do you maintain your fitness in the manner of Polina Porizkova?

How does famous model Polina Porizkova maintain her fitness and health at the age of 58? ... A question asked by the “Eat This, Not That” website report. According to the report: “Porizkova is never shy about revealing the details of her personal life. She shares with her fans the good and bad things, and the challenges of aging that she faces, and the 58-year-old model keeps mentioning the facts.” She has to be on social media and discuss her successes, including facing the obstacles she has endured to stay fit. 

Polina Porizkova wrote on Instagram advising women: “Staying fit after menopause requires a lot of work.” She added: “One has to work harder on things that were taken for granted from the outside, but from the inside, all the hard work that "It's already been done and it's finally paying off.

" Does Porizkova follow “intermittent fasting” and what do experts think?

 The report stated that Porizkova found a system that suits her, and in a closer look at her diet and exercise routine and consulting fitness experts for their opinion, Porizkova said: “Many people ask about my diet and fitness secrets, so I decided to publish a video clip on Instagram explaining in detail this system.” In it, she said: “I follow the 16/8 diet, which basically means you don't eat for 16 hours and then you eat for eight hours.” She continued: “I eat whatever I want for eight hours, because I love food, but I also tend to eat more healthy food,” and the site used the opinion of a nutrition expert who stated: “Intermittent fasting is a practice that can be adopted to help lose weight when traditional methods “It is not reasonable or sustainable,” he continues. “It is an ideal method for those who have problems controlling their portions throughout the day; “Eating very large meals may make it difficult to maintain the calorie deficit needed to lose weight.” He adds: "However, by giving yourself a dedicated 'feeding window' of just a few hours, it can become much easier to eat reduced daily calories, and make weight loss more manageable." By following what is stated in the report, many women after the age of fifty-five can find a way to maintain fitness and fitness in the manner of the famous model Paulina Porizkova.

 3 basic rules that the famous model Polina Porizkova follows for fitness 

 The beautiful Polina Porizkova follows several rules to maintain her slimness and fitness and to enjoy fitness. The website mentioned them and “Azawaq” chose 3 daily habits, including:

 1- Polina Porizkova eats vegetable juices for breakfast Polina Porizkova makes a nutritious vegetable smoothie with protein powder that she orders online; So it's ready to go whenever you want to eat during the eight-hour window, the nutritionist comments: "Plant-based smoothies can be a quick and convenient way to get essential nutrients, especially for those who struggle to include enough fruits and vegetables in their day." He continues: “In order to use plant juices to stay healthy and fit, I recommend adding chia seeds, soy milk or flax seeds, and protein powder; this will provide a great, satisfying drink that will help the person control their hunger and stay well-nourished.”

 2- You may sometimes indulge in fatty foods While Porizkova said that she loves healthy food, if she wants fried chicken, she eats it, and explained that she ends the eight-hour period of eating with juice or soup; “So you can enjoy dinner,” she continued. “I do this so I can eat whatever I want for dinner,” and that way I don’t feel deprived. “Allowing oneself to indulge sometimes can be crucial for several reasons,” the expert says. “First, from a psychological point of view, excessive restriction can lead to feelings of deprivation,” explains nutrition coach Paul Bailey. "Over time, this can backfire, leading to binge eating or developing a negative relationship with food."

 3- Do regular exercise In addition to fasting and making healthy food choices, Porizkova exercises regularly and posted a video of herself doing dumbbell shoulder press exercises, according to” Eat This, Not That” The expert says: According to USA national coach Jarrod Nobby, The dumbbell shoulder press is a great exercise for several reasons; “It is a strength movement to increase the strength and mechanics of vertical compression in the upper body,” he says. “Using dumbbells improves shoulder, elbow, and wrist joint stability, and has been shown to lead to faster increases in strength and hypertrophy in the early stages of training compared to a barbell variation.”

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