Eternal Egypt: Past and Present

A New publication by Egyptologist Dr. Hussein Bassir
Eternal Egypt: Past and Present


New Cairo Company has released recently a new book for the distinguished Egyptian Egyptologist Dr. Hussein Bassir, Director of the Antiquities Museum at the Library of Alexandria. Hussein Bassir is an Egyptian Egyptologist and novelist. He graduated from the Faculty of Archeology, Cairo University, and obtained his Master’s and Doctoral degrees from Johns Hopkins University in the United States of America. He held many positions at different archaeological sites, and has many books, publications, and novels published in different languages.

The new release, Eternal Egypt: Past and Present, is a comprehensive tourist guide in English that serves tourists of different nationalities and those interested in archaeological and touristic sites throughout Egypt. Dr. Hussein Bassir takes readers on a tour throughout Egypt, along which one learns about Egypt’s wealth of archaeological, heritage and touristic sites from different historical backgrounds within all the governorates of Egypt. Also, through the pages of the book, the reader could know sights and glimpses of Egypt’s history, civilization and culture.

The book consists of several chapters, each of which is devoted to presenting and highlighting archaeological and touristic sites in one of Egypt’s governorates. The book also includes an appendix that displays the most famous gods of ancient Egypt, and the cartouches of its most important kings, in addition to a presentation of ancient Egyptian beliefs regarding the afterlife, resurrection, judgement, the mummification process, and papyrus manufacturing.

The new publication contains more than 392 pages, filled with all the archaeological and touristic sites in Egypt’s governorates, such as museums, temples, monasteries and churches, mosques, touristic sites, natural reserves, and many other sites. The guide also features a distinct collection of pictures and brief explanation of each site.

The new release is the result of years of research and thoroughness by the author, and an elite group of the most famous Egyptologists participated in reviewing the manuscript, and writing the foreword and preface for it. The guide was translated in English by Ramy Rifaat, and was designed by Ahmed Zeidan, while Mohsen Abdelhafiz contributed with some illustrations to it, and a large number of archaeologists, Egyptologists and photographers contributed with many photographs for the book.

Dr. Bassir writes in the introduction to this book: “God endowed Egypt with exceptional tourism resources, including the unique and diverse monuments bequeathed by the ancient Egyptians, which together make Egypt in the world. Successive generations have lived in this ancient land, establishing varied and diverse cultures, with a legacy of monuments and treasures spanning thousands of years down to the present day. These still arouse admiration and passion from all who experience them, whether they are interested in history, culture or travel for its own sake. Egypt is widely seen as the world’s greatest touristic and cultural destination, not just today by back into the mists of time”.

The book is available for purchase at the book and gift shops at the Egyptian Museum in Cairo, the Grand Egyptian Museum, Cairo International Airport, Borg Al-Arab Airport, the bookshop at the Library of Alexandria, and other tourist and archaeological bookshops

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