A woman cannot tolerate these faults in a man. Avoid them

A woman cannot tolerate these faults in a man. Avoid them

A woman is a sensitive creature, and the psychology of a woman differs greatly from that of a man. What a man considers to be normal may be huge for a woman, and there are constant things that a woman does not like in a man, and that may lead to her aversion to him, so you should avoid them, Dr. Tamer Shawqi, educational expert and professor of psychology at" Ain-Shams University" told “Azawaq” that there are defects that when a woman touches a man, he loses her love and respect, so she should avoid them.

Dr. Tamer Shawqi assures men that if you have these defects that women do not accept, then you must avoid them and get rid of them, and they include:

1. Stinginess: A woman hates a man’s stinginess, whether material or emotional. This does not mean that she is a materialistic being who seeks to obtain expensive gifts. Rather, it is enough to give her something that she likes, even if it is not precious. A man’s stinginess is considered a clear expression of his feelings and emotions towards her.

2. Neglect: Human in general - and women in particular - have a tendency to be the subject of attention from others, especially those closest to him. Therefore, failure to convey a sense of care to her causes her negative psychological damage.

3. Lack of romance: A woman tends toward a dreamy, romantic life. She offers a man a lot for that, and expects him to reciprocate that romance. She refuses to suffer from a lack of such feelings in a man. Rather, she may dispense with many of her life needs in order to find romance in someone. you love him.

4. Underestimating her value in front of others: What hurts a woman’s feelings most is the feeling that a man underestimates her value in front of others, whether in a serious or sarcastic way.

5. Roughness and cruelty: A woman does not tend to a man who is harsh and ill-mannered, but rather to a caring man who makes her feel valued as a woman.

6. Lack of containment: A woman tends toward a man who conveys to her a feeling of containment in all situations, especially in her moments of weakness and brokenness. She does not forget the situations in which he let her down, or when she searched for him around her and did not find him.

7. Loss of ambition and purpose: Women love a man who is always ambitious and active, who always sets goals for himself and seeks to achieve them, regardless of the obstacles and difficulties.

8. Lack of intelligence: How close an intelligent man is to a woman’s heart! She greatly respects the clever person who can read things and people quickly, and she considers this the beginning of arriving at the right decisions.

9. Lying: She hates a lying man, even if the matter is not related to anything personal related to her, and just seeing a man lying, even to strangers, may make her feel distrustful of him. In addition, 

she views lying as a kind of weakness, and she does not like to see you weak

Tamer Shawqi, educational expert and professor of psychology at" Ain-Shams University

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